Japan Shipping Delays

I have received data from many customers and from what I can conclude, most of the packages to USA & United Kingdom seem to be moving quickly, while Australia, Canada, Belgium, Germany, Singapore and a few other countries seem to still be very slow. I dont know the reason, but possibly this has to do with the number of planes flying to those countries. 

Good news. Registered mail packages that were sent October 4th or before now seem to be sent out from Japan, so it looks as though the delays are finally starting to lessen. Hopefully everything will be back to normal soon. Some countries are still slow receiving packages, but at least things are starting to move again.

Registered mail packages that were sent on September 19-20 have now started to move to Osaka. This is good news because I believe it means that they are finally able to use the Osaka airport again. Until now there have been no packages leaving from Osaka.

Registered mail packages sent from September 15-18 have now seem to have been sent to other airports to send out. Unforunately we dont have any updates on regular airmail packages yet since there is no tracking number.

It now seems that some of the registered mail packages sent out from Sept. 11-13 have started to move to Tokyo to be sent out. This is good news as no package has moved since Sept. 11th. Hopefully everything will start moving again soon. But there is still a huge backlog of packages.

SEPTEMBER 10, 2018
On September 4th, the Osaka International airport was badly damaged by a typhoon. This is causing mail delays for all international mail. The post office is still accepting packages, but there are major delays with the mail service. Some packages are being held in Osaka and some packages are slowly sent to other airports, but due to the number of packages, this is causing major delays. Some of the EMS express mail packages seem to be moving, but since September 11th, all registered mail and airmail seem to be completely stopped (EMS express seems to have priority when shipping). Please try to be patient as unfortunately there is nothing that we anyone can do about it until the airport is back to full capacity. If you are in a hurry for your package we highly recommend EMS express mail. Hopefully packages will start moving again soon, but unfortuantely there is no information yet from the Japan post office. Thank you for your understanding. We will update the situation as soon as we know more.



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