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Pokemon 2002 Shogakukan Hitmontop Poliwrath Primeape Hitomonlee Set of 4 Stamps

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Pokemon 2002 Shogakukan Hitmontop, Poliwrath, Primeape & Hitomonlee set of 4 stamps. This sheet of stamps was only sold in Japan, back in 2002. It came inside the Shogakukan magazine, back in 2001 and 2002. They are part of the Topsun stamp collection and are not real postage stamps. Out of production.

Manufacturer: Topsun

Approx. Size: 1" (2.5cm) x 0.75" (2cm) Individual stamp size
                       4" (10cm) x 3.25" (8.5cm) Sheet size

Condition: Brand new. Never been used. No visible creases, dents, scratches, stains, or whitening on edges of stamps. NOTE: In some cases, there may be tiny creases or bends on the corner of the sheet, but all stamps are fine.