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Ga-Ole Disks

Ga-Ole Disks

Japanese Ga-Ole disks are the newest craze in Japan. They are rectangle shaped plastic disks that can be used to battle each other in the Pokemon video game in the video arcades. They are extremely popular and the lines to play the games are incredibly long. By using this disk, you can get the Pokemon character to appear in the video game.

If you are looking to buy Ga-Ole disks of your favorite characters,  then you have come to the right place. Get all of your favorite Japanese Pokemon Ga-Ole disks right here.

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Pokemon Center 2019 Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Movie Mewtwo Ga-Ole Promo Coin

Pokemon Center 2019 "Mewtwo Strikes Back: Evolution" Mewtwo Ga-Ole promo coin. It was given to pe..

US$4.99 Ex Tax: US$4.99

Pokemon Center 2016 Rockruff Ga-Ole Coro Coro Ichiban Promo Coin

Pokemon Center 2017 Rockruff Ga-Ole Coro Coro Ichiban promo coin. It was available inside Coro Co..

US$9.99 US$4.99 Ex Tax: US$4.99

Pokemon 2016 Coro Coro Comic Rockruff Full Power Theme Deck With Ga-Ole Disk

Pokemon 2016 Coro Coro Rockruff Full Power Theme Deck. It came inside the January, 2017 issue of C..

US$14.99 Ex Tax: US$14.99