Pokemon 2012 Dragon Selection Complete 20 Card Holofoil Set

Pokemon 2012 Dragon Selection Complete 20 Card Holofoil Set
Brand: Nintendo
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Pokemon 2012 Dragon Selection complete set of 20 cards. This set was not sold as a set. I have put together the complete 20 card set. This set is different than other sets. The set is a mini set and consists of 20 cards. ALL of the cards are holofoils. These cards were only available in random booster packs of the Dragon Selection mini series that was released in January, 2012. Only sold in Japan.

The set includes:

#001/020 Dratini (holofoil)
#002/020 Dratini (holofoil)
#003/020 Dragonair (holofoil)
#004/020 Dragonair (holofoil)
#005/020 Dragonite (holofoil)
#006/020 Bagon (holofoil)
#007/020 Shelgon (holofoil)
#008/020 Salamence (holofoil)
#009/020 Latias (holofoil)
#010/020 Latios (holofoil)
#011/020 Rayquaza (holofoil)
#012/020 Axew (holofoil)
#013/020 Axew (holofoil)
#014/020 Fraxure (holofoil)
#015/020 Fraxure (holofoil)
#016/020 Haxorus (holofoil)
#017/020 Druddigon (holofoil)
#018/020 Trainer Super Rod (holofoil)
#019/020 Trainer First Ticket (holofoil)
#020/020 Trainer EXP Share (holofoil)

Language: Japanese

Card #: 001-020/020

Type: Complete Set

Edition: 1st Edition

Condition: Mint condition. Never been played with. No noticeable creases, dents, scratches or whitening on edges of cards.

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